Supporting student learning, wellbeing and future pathways
MyMahi uses an innovative self-management approach that encourages and supports learners on their unique journeys through education and employment.
What do we think about the most
Digital Portfolio
With MyMahi learners can build and own a profile that captures important moments in their learning journey.
Learner Agency
We truly put learners at the centre of their story, giving them independence and ownership.
MyMahi helps users capture important moments of learning whilst in school or the workplace.
MyMahi provides learners, mentors and teachers the resources and tools to work on all areas of wellbeing.
We all need support to be the best we can be and that is why the mentor dashboard is the backbone of the MyMahi platform.
Future Pathways
Identifying personal strengths and planning future pathways are some of the most important things a learner should do.
Who's it for?
Learner studying
For Learners
MyMahi encourages users to discover what they are good at, what they are passionate about, and to explore where these ideas can take them in the future. It includes a range of tools to support learners and enables them to connect to mentors or teachers.
Learners in classroom
For Schools & Centres of Learning
Schools are increasingly looking for ways to provide better and more holistic support for their learners. The MyMahi mentor dashboard is the perfect solution for this. It is simple and easy to use giving teachers/mentors a unique way to connect with their learners.
Man at work
For Businesses & Sponsors
MyMahi offers businesses a solid framework for businesses to mentor their staff, as well as solutions to communicate to young people, schools, educators and parents within the platform.
Parent and child looking at computer
For Families
MyMahi will be extending the platform later this year with a feature designed to include parents and wider family. This will enable family members to support their children through their education and onto the next stage of their learning or employment journey.
MyMahi supports mobile environment
Sandor Chernoff
Education to Employment Broker
Ministry of Social Development
The MyMahi platform helps students to reflect on their own strengths and passions, make links between these and best-fit future jobs, research labour market information, or set personal goals, while capturing all this in their MyMahi profile. This process has been revelatory and empowering for students, and their teachers and every session finishes with positive outcomes that differ for each individual.
Simon Cummins
Acting Assistant Principal
Mordialloc College
Our school has been using MyMahi for the past year and it has really improved engagement in our house points ‘rewards’ system for both teachers and students. Students and their parents and carers can now see their total points and the why and by whom they have been awarded. The MyMahi lessons have been a really useful curriculum tool for our Mentor program with lessons ready to go for a wide range of social and emotional topics as well as students investigating their future careers. The newsfeed function has been another way to promote all the events and information we need to share with our students. MyMahi has been a really great addition to our school and the team behind the program are attentive and develop the app to tailor our school’s needs.
Scott Aitken & Juliet Buenaventura
Lead Teachers
Hornby High School
As a kura, we are using MyMahi to support our Year 10 and 11 Wānanga curriculum. Wānanga is 5 hours a week of a blend of front and back end of the curriculum including relationships, wellbeing, career pathways, culture, identity, passion and community projects. The impact of MyMahi, on learners, is enabling them to have a platform where they can show their thoughts, feels, and learnings. Students also use MyMahi to check their assessment results, timetable and the school notices.
Adam Simpson
Assistant Principal
Rutherford College
MyMahi is an excellent platform that I have been able to tailor to what is appropriate for our school and our weekly one-hour tutor group programme. It is student-centric and perfect for our 3-way conferences where students can lead conversations about their goals. MyMahi allows tutor teachers to build relationships with their students above what can normally be expected in the given contact time.
Samantha Mizzi
Director of Senior Students
Kolbe Catholic College (Victoria)
MyMahi is an intuitive platform, that promotes a holistic, learner-focused approach to supporting students throughout their entire schooling. It aligns with the Respectful Relationships education initiative and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program at the College. Unlike traditional learning platforms, MyMahi allows students to self-manage their learning, wellbeing and future pathways. In particular, the MyMahi Rewards feature has allowed us to link our school-based values, founded in our Catholic faith, and promote school-wide positive behaviours. Not only does the values-based approach and rewards system reward positive behaviour, increasing the likelihood of repetition, but it also encourages a sense of participation, belonging and connectedness through the incorporation of House Group Points, easily tracked through the data analytic tools within the platform. After holding our professional learning workshop our staff were excited by the potential of MyMahi to give our students the opportunity to better manage their learning and general wellbeing, through tools such as the digital homework diary, goal setting and daily gratitudes. Finally, its fully transportable function makes the positive impact of MyMahi unique, long-lasting and fully accessible.
Southland Girls' High School
MyMahi has been one of the best organisers for me because it not only helped plan my goals but the inspirational videos helped me organise my schoolwork and show me what I could do.
Benjamin Hill
Lead Teacher
Kyneton High School
At Kyneton High, we have chosen MyMahi because it puts our students at the centre. It provides them with a dedicated space for seamless integration between Wellbeing / Positive Education and Pathways Learning in our Home Group, Careers and VCAL class. We were also looking for an effective system to provide instant and lasting acknowledgement and encouragement of positive behaviours that align with our school values. MyMahi Rewards offers just that, with outstanding data collection and analytics. So now we never have to miss an opportunity to ‘catch them doing it right and make it count.
Henderson High School
MyMahi has made my school experience a whole lot better, like knowing what classes I have next and how many credits I have. I also made my own CV on MyMahi.